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Antibiotics When the drugs don’t work

How to combat the dangerous rise of antibiotic resistance May 21st 2016 | From the print edition of the Economist Timekeeper SOME people describe Darwinian evolution as “only a theory”. Try explaining that to the friends and relatives of the

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Bill Gates Thinks This Is the Deadliest Threat to Humankind

He says it could kill tens of millions In the next 20 years, is it likely that nuclear war, gigantic earthquakes or asteroids couldkill 20 million people? Bill Gates doesn’t think so. But he did tell Vox that such numbers

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ანტიდოტი რობერტ ქუქის საიდუმლო a novel about Georgia – 1st 3 chapters free in Georgian!

Thanks to Mariam Tsereteli in Tibilisi for sharing her progress: the first 3 chapters in Georgian:                                                                      თავი პირველი იოსებ ხარაშვილმა ჩვეულებისამებრ, მზის ამოსვლისას დაიძინა. მისი ორ-ოთახიანი სალონის ფანჯრიდან ახლო ჰორიზონტზე მდელოსა და ხეებს გახედა. ჩამომჯდარი, დილის პირველ სხივებს შესცქეროდა,

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New! The first three chapters in Polish!

Thanks to Joanna Dziuba-Wiśniewska of Warsaw, Poland.  She is currently translating “Antidote,” and has contributed the first 3 chapters–free–at

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at the top of the Arcamax list for new books:

“Antidote” is one of 5 featured books on Booksdaily!

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Now that Ebola’s on the wane, can we rest easy about future epidemics?

It seems like such a bad memory–predictions of millions dying just a few months ago.  Now it seems that Ebola’s on the wane.  Nothing to worry about, eh? As Antidote makes clear, we have fewer and fewer ways to combat

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Russian aggression–becoming too real

Could it be that Putin is actually trying to recreate the Soviet Union?  In my book, I predicted that Russian leaders would try to re-form the Russian Empire.  2008 in Georgia, union with Bielorussia, recent moves in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, what’s

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